Understanding Wine

Wine is a big part of the Australian culture and it is something many Australian’s have with every dinner and sometimes lunch. However, if you are new to the world of Wine, it may be difficult to comprehend and understand all the different varieties and types that are available. You will notice the massive range of wine when you walk in to any Dan Murphy’s or Liquorland . To help educate you on the different types available, here is a quick guide.

Red Wine Types
Merlot – Merlot is a grape used in blends and have a ripe and fruity grape flavour.
Shiraz – Shiraz is one of the most popular grapes in Australia and is the most common type of wine. Shiraz wines have a rich and plush plummy type flavour.
Pinot Noir – This wine is well known in the Burgundy region and has perfume and has cherry and strawberry type flavours.
Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular planted grape in the world and is synonymous with the Bordeaux region. This type of wine has a strong black current flavour.
Grenache – This is a wine that is synonymous with South Australia and often has a spicy berry flavour and is transitioning from a strong alcoholic taste to a softer flavour.

White Wine Types
Riesling – Riesling has a strong citrus flavour focused on lemon and lime and has a slight acidity to it. As they age Riesling become more toasty and rich in flavour.
Chardonnay – This grape is the most planted white grape type in Australia and taste fruity and fresh. It has a good acidic and citrusy flavour.
Sauvignon blanc – This wine is fruity, has a strong flavour and is fuller. It is often used with oak and hinted with stony fruit flavours.
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